Is it too late to write this?

About a year ago I said I would write more on this site and actually use it. Here we are over a year later and I'm finally writing. I'm not sure how this will turn out? Maybe it will be more of a rant? Here goes. 

I feel depleted and close to defeated, but I believe in never giving up. 2017 was a crazy year, unimaginable really. I have had a lot of real life scenarios beat the shit out of me. I've come to a lot of realizations and have had a lot of self reflection. I've really not been happy unless I'm behind the camera or playing with my son. I have become depressed and consumed by it, all the while not realizing that I have neglected others. Someone told me that I'm so afraid of failing that I don't even try. Maybe they're right? Or maybe I just don't know what to do, or how to begin? I have made things more difficult than they need to be. It hasn't been healthy. I can feel it on the inside. From now on I will try to just enjoy what I am doing. With all that being said, I am starting. 

Today I knocked out a few edits. Revised some older shots and just used images that I already had. It's a positive start and feels good to just do something a little more light hearted. Lots of new work coming. Including a good website tune up. 

Textures, Overlays, and Stock Oh My!!!

Howdy! This one is for my fellow Photoshoppers out there! I've decided to start a library of stock images, overlays, textures, and backgrounds in hopes to help others create. Why? Why not? Having more resources at the ready might just be that extra step in helping someone find that missing ingredient to their composite piece. Why are these important? Maybe you need rough texture for zombie skin, flames for explosion, clouds for sky replacement, or soft colored overlays to create the mood? The importance of each is invaluable with story telling and it's really only limited by the artist. If you know how to use your adjustment layers and blend modes well these files might come in handy.  

Simply preview the files as thumbnails, then click and drag to your desired location. 

Moving Forward

It's been a long time since I've posted anything on here, and the only thing I ever posted before was an intro to the site. That was in 2015!!! To say I've neglected this website, is one way to put it. That's putting it lightly. Well, here I am now and I plan to push forward and make posting on here a regular thing. Between new work, free downloadable resources to help you build a stock library, to blog posts ranging from fun behind the scenes, to mistakes I've made and lesson learned, I hope this site can be of help to other creatives of all types! I'll also be I'll highlighting other photographers and artists here too!

From studio work and travels in the wilderness, to shooting awesome characters on movie sets, I hope you find something enjoyable and resourceful here. Well, check that out I've already managed to double my all time post count on here!!! 






I've finally taken the time to put a little work on the website and turn it live. It's been a busy year and month already for that matter. Sleepless Art was created and named during a long and tiring period in my life that I was combating insomnia. To be awake while you dream and dream while awake causes the mind to travel to surreal places. The composite side of this site will be a constant board for that.

With a love and passion for photography and photoshop combined with my work as a personal trainer and outdoor guide have created a means and opportunity for me to photograph and create images from various ventures.  

Cheers, and thanks for stopping by!